High Volume Invoice & Statement Printing

High Volume Printing / Disaster Recovery Solution
High Volume Document Printing
High volume printing is a continuous flow of output. For companies that need to print a minimum of 15,000 documents to be mailed and emailed each day, Direct Digital owns the technology and developed a proven process for streamlined efficiency.
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* Roll to Cut Sheet: process of unrolling, printing and cutting as it exits the printing phase
* Roll to Fold: unrolling, printing, rerolling & folded in preparation for the inserting machine
All document printing has the same benefits as lower volume print: full color & black & white.
Facilities in Phoenix, AZ with backup facilities in Glendale Heights, IL
Security & Compliance is a critical aspect to our business. Direct Digital take security very seriously going above and beyond our SOC Compliant & FSC certification. From the moment our customer presses the 'send' key to the moment a document is mailed or emailed, each document is treated as if it was the only document being hand processed and delivered.
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High Volume, Disaster Recovery Solution
If you currently have an external solution for your daily, high volume printing, Direct Digital can be your Disaster Recovery solution, if your main print and mail center experiences a failure. This type of high volume work is generally separate from your traditional disaster recovery site as specialized equipment and processes need to be available at a moment's notice.
We work with a variety of companies and industries that print high volumes 24/7...and needs to stay ahead of the game. All technology and process testing is run periodically and in parallel with your current print and mail facility to demonstrate readiness.
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